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France, The Mysteries of the Magdalene & the Cathars with Kathleen McGowan & Isobel Denham

France was amazing with views of sacred land and Marry Magdalene as the Christ of the divine Marriage, uniting masculine and feminine characteristics with God and our collective work as holy spirit in action.  Made wonderful friends and new family along with uniting with old kindred spirits.  Thank you Kathleen McGowan for being an angel revealing more and more of the Magdalene spirit that is all around us, the Cathar’s, Troubadours, and much more!  Now I can say I’m ordained as a Minister of the Magdalene and her knights of the true church and State.  I’ve been an initiate of Magdalene since 2010 and now a Minister of the arts of Troubadours and of today’s Cathars.  Thanks again to all who helped create the monumental healing that we did within and throughout.  “So above, so below.”