As an Ordained Minister

Massage, the healing arts, as well as art itself is a powerful tool for healing.  Our bodies function more fully after a massage, arts, via connection through sound, frequency, touch, visual, etc as art ourselves. By creating a systematic response of healing through multiple stimulation to the nervous and emotional systems we have engaged the healing response as art itself and or as magical beings.  

Ocean Spirit Massage

By combining the art of healthy eating, exercise, that does not stress the body, but heals we can upload a holistic approach for rapid healing and growth.  Such as:  Dance, meditation, music/sound, hypnotherapy, guided visualization and imagery and of course massage and energy work.  With these practices and skills we are able to move more fully and engaged in the world with ease and grace with awareness of ourselves, each other and our nature/world around us. The goal of Ocean Spirit Massage is to heal with the skills and each other as one world as ourselves truly are naturally.  With massage and the other healing tools and levels of Ocean Spirit Massage has to offer we combine our efforts to evolve us into the flowers of life, collectively that we are as eternal life.  Ever expanding and growing so beautifully as one.  Ocean Spirit Massage integrates body, mind and spirit to create a solid framework for over all well-being with massage, Qi Gong, Food Healing, Yoga, Spiritual Life Coaching and teaching.  After a session many clients report feeling more connected and comfortable in their skin and to others along with nature so as to operate more functionally with ease.  

The ocean is a great inspiration for us at Ocean Spirit Massage as our bodies and earth are mostly water, a creative force of oxygen. Our work is rhythmic, purposeful, and follows an intentional cycle to produce a healing shift in the body and our world. Water is the essence of life, as oxygen, which is spirit/energy needed to live and grow with. With the sun's shining warm healing light, as your own healing, we wish at Ocean Spirit Massage to assist this beckoning, consistent need to heal and create with a healthy diet and exercise. When we are at harmony with our bodies, nature as a guide to our true wonder of who we are and here for as our gifts of nature. Ocean Spirit Massage applies these metaphors in our bodywork, working with the waves and cycles of the body to enhance a natural healing process beyond just massage. Healing enables creative expression unhindered by the pains and dysfunctions of the body, as healers healing ourselves, healing the world one massage at a time.

We are all dedicated healers, healing the world... one massage, art, word, dance, exercise, breath, drink, teaching, and song at a time. Come be apart of the healing artists by becoming a member of our team. Or, as a client by coming once a month, you'll save $10 every session, including gift certificates, by committing to your monthly healing, saving up to an hour and a half free session a year. Whatever you do or offer helps all of us, and yourself. At Ocean Spirit Massage we find all to be healers as long as it helps and not hinders free expression of the true self.

Ocean Spirit Massage offers gift certificates, punch cards, monthly member specials for massage, Qi Gong exercise, spiritual, dance classes and ceremonies. Our packages and specials make excellent gifts for loved ones and the self for continuous healing of body, spirit, and world as a whole, together as one.

Ocean Spirit Massage